About Kit

Growing up in suburban London as an ugly pimpled teenager, I would skateboard and film with friends. My adventure for DIY video was evidential through many stupid, albeit funny injuries.

MTV was a palatable entity back then, and 90's Britain shaped much of my outlook on video, music, and art. Visionary directors like Jonathan Glazer, Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham and Michel Gondry inspired weekly.

After studies and a bit of grafting within film and television, I co-founded independent film company Rooks Nest Entertainment with Michael Sackler. I helped to develop our debut feature film there; Sally El Hosaini's award-winning My Brother The Devil.

Shortly after this, I took over our sister agency in the heart of London's Soho as Creative Director. In a space of a couple of years, we worked with fashion brands such as; Adidas, M&S, Vivienne Westwood, Matthew Williamson, Clarks, Bjorn Borg and Julien MacDonald. Collaborative productions with Dazed & Confused and Vice also came off. I had a full circle moment too, working with early inspirer Chris Cunningham for his live events in 2011. 

Honestly, it was a pretty fun time, but since then I've progressed myself a deeply motivated self-shooter and collaborative director. My work with the ICA, TATE, BFI, and BBC are testimony to that. I also dabble in a bit of photography too. 

In the last few years especially, I've brought my film & commercial experience towards ethics and sustainability. I've completed extensive assignments in developing countries worldwide while working with pioneering brands such as People Tree and Po-Zu. 

I've built relationships within developing countries. He is an appointed creative consultant of Kantala who use the oldest weaving techniques in Sri Lanka to create sustainable vegan fashion accessories, empowering artisans across the country.

We live in a fast world of finite resources whereby our very existence is now threatened. I think we need to 'come back to our roots' as a species. My stories try to shorten that gap as much as possible.

Since late 2018, I've lived between Tokyo and London, developing my passion for a more consciously connected world. 

Here goes.