People Tree


People Tree are true pioneers in sustainable Fair Trade fashion. Every product is made to the highest ethical and environmental standards from start to finish. They source artisan skills such as hand weaving, hand knitting, hand embroidery and hand block printing.

I really can't enthuse enough about their dedication and compliance with the principles of fair trade, covering fair wages, good working conditions, transparency, environmental best practice and gender equality. 

I've worked very closely with them on a number of projects - even modelling with them on occasion. This page shows a small selection of lookbooks created with them. 



Executive Producer: Safia Minney
Producer: Mia Hadrill
Featuring: Stephanie Abrishamchi & Kit Nicholson.
Dean Newcombe & Sylvia Flote. Alexandra Evans & Kit Nicholson. Safia Minney & Zandra Rhodes
Director / Cinematographer: Kit Nicholson
Music: ANW2936 - "Raging-Burn", ANW2816 - "Synchronicity" [Dark Futures], Aulx Studio - "Violet Letter"
Editor: Kit Nicholson