“The Making of the STAR WARS™ / PO-ZU Collection”

Handcrafted in Sri Lanka, in collaboration with Disney / STAR WARS™, these are a limited edition range of ethical trainers. Po-Zu's ethical and sustainable standards mean they are without toxic solvents. They're made with natural materials such as cork, coconut fibre, latex, organic cotton, pure wool tweed, and chrome-free leathers.

Po-Zu works hard with their supply chains to feature materials that are naturally renewable and responsibly harvested. They create stylish shoes for everyone by combining supreme comfort with ethical & sustainable manufacturing processes.

The films feature the flagship collection being handmade on location with the Sri Lankan workers. 


Executive Producer: Disney
Producer: Safia Minney
Director / Cinematographer: Kit Nicholson
Music: Kai Engel - "The Seeker" [The Run]
Editor: Kit Nicholson