Seoul Community Radio (SCR)

Social Promos

Seoul Community Radio (SCR) is an audio-visual platform based in the cultural hotbed of Itaewon, in Seoul, South Korea. SCR champions all formats of the growing underground culture in Korea. They provide a live platform for emerging creative artists and collaborate with some really interesting creators from Korea and worldwide. 

I've watched them pioneer innovative ways forwards since day dot. From visiting their studio, to clubbing at their curated club nights, I've always had an interest in helping it to grow and thrive.   

The social videos below are token examples of when our paths crossed. One being a recap film of all our media work at the ethically conscious Thai festival; Wonderfruit. The other in Tokyo, when they put on a night with DJ Seinfeld, Yuzo, and Romy Mats.


Producer: Richard Price
Cinematographer: Kit Nicholson
Production Assistant: Aaron Jackson
Music Supervision: Seoul Community Radio
Editor: Kit Nicholson