Safia Minney

“Slave to Fashion”

The global demand for cheap labour within the fast fashion industry has fuelled modern-day slavery. It really shouldn't be this way. There are far too many casualties outweighing any perceived benefits for fast fashion. Wholly unsustainable supply chains have ravaged the lives of those who suffer for our beyond-vain and temporary fashion demands.

Alongside the launch of the book 'Slave to Fashion', I teamed up with my longtime friend and collaborator, Safia Minney to stitch together archive materials from her reconnaissance missions around the world.

The videos - and book - bring the issues to life with startling brevity, while offering hope for a fairer and ethical world. Each episode tries to give the viewer the knowledge and tools to challenge the broken systems of fast fashion.



Producer: Safia Minney
Director: Kit Nicholson
Featuring: Safia Minney
Videographer: Miki Alcade
Production Assistant: Natalya Minney
Music: Alex Garmond
Editors: Kit Nicholson