Universal Creations

“We Make, Create, and Innovate”

Universal Creations understand the meaning of storytelling. They bring into existence props, models, and replicas for the big screen. Their dedicated and precise work is well-known, particularly within the James Bond, Star Wars, and Marvel universes. They are noted for their pioneering approach, fusing innovation with expert techniques.

Snippets from long-form interviews with the founding couple, Adriaan Engelbrecht and Nicola Parke, shape the narrative in this brand ethos film. 

From the interviews, I created over a dozen short-form documentaries examining various aspects of the company. This gave Universal Creations had an armory of video proofs for pitching to film producers, studios, investors, and audiences. 


Producer: Ravi Ajit Chopra
Director: Kit Nicholson
Featuring: Adriaan Engelbrecht & Nicola Parke
Cinematographer: Charles Harrison Mori
Production Assistant: Oliver Hunt
Music: A.J.E. Palmer
Animator: Nick Kyri
Editors: Kit Nicholson & Charles Harrison Mori